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Hiro Hayashida
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DVD produced by Hiro Hayashida

Hiro Hayashida & ZI-PANG

The performance of the "Taiko World Music" by the produce of Hiro Hayashida.
It establishes the "New Taiko World" of 21st century in strong personality and overwhelming technique, a groove.

Performer: "Hiro Hayashida and ZI-PANG"

Sponsor / Plan: Linden Promotion
Music / Constitution / Direction: Hiro Hayashida
Filming / Edit: Koi, 4-Chome Factry Ltd.
Costume: Login Inc., Kiwako Takahashi
Cooperation: The Atelier Sky

August 8, 2010

<DVD> 2,500yen (excluding tax and shipping)
※With Booklet

Hiro Hayashida & ZI-PANG

A taiko music world that never existed before.
A superb stage mixing the East and the West.
This is an evolution of the taiko entertainment!

Sponsor and Planning: J-DRUM (Linden Promotion)
Music composition and production: Hiro Hayashida
Stage composition and production: Nobuhiro Kumagai
Production: Yonchome Factory
Production Cooperation: PRIMARY


1,500yen (excluding tax and shipping)

Hiro Hayashida & ZI-PANG
LIVE 2002 (DVD)

Full of dynamism and rhythm of the Oke Daiko.
Overwhelmingly energetic and pop stage.
A new taiko entertainment world totally different from other taiko groups.
This is the Hayashida world.
Still and movement, soft and energetic, slow and fast… it’s a spiritual performance. It comes with special scenes.

Music composition and production: Hiro Hayashida


2,940yen (excluding tax and shipping)

Hiro Hayashida’s Katsugi Daiko Manural DVD – Okedaiko Toranomaki

This comes with two DVDs: Introductory Level and Basic Level.
A must-have DVD for Oke Daiko fans and players!
Hayashida introduces how to care Oke Daiko, how to tune it to the theory to basic techniques!

Introductory Level: 40 minutes, Basic Level: 120 minutes.

3,990yen (for the set of two DVDs)
(excluding tax and shipping)

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